Worcestershire Midlife MOT

Start your midlife MOT journey now by asking yourself:

My Health

Am I taking the right steps to maintain or improve my health?

My Money

I'm confused about pensions, what are my options?

My Work

Am I confident I can continue in my current job, or do I need to protect myself by reskilling?

As a society we’re living longer, and many of us can expect to work for longer too.

By investing in ourselves today, we’ll be open to many more opportunities.


Find out more as an employer

Ben Mannion, chairman of the Future Skills Board, President of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and Director of Hewett Recruitment shares his views on how the Midlife MOT can help Worcestershire people and why it will help businesses to build back better.

Employers Tool Kit

Every Successful and sustainable business has an alive and kicking People Plan, within which Workforce Planning plays a critical part in the success of the organisation.

Hear from Cathy O’Donoghue, Director from HR Champions as she takes you through her Top 5 Tips in undertaking a Workforce Planning Process.

In addition, please see below our Midlife MOT employers toolkit. Inside this tool kit you will find the following documents to support you in planning the people resources for your future success:

  • A power point presentation taking you through the process.
  • A video of the Top 5 tips in going through the workforce planning process
  • SWOT Analysis tool
  • Critical Role Identification Questionnaire
  • Identifying organisational Capability
  • Scenario Planning
  • Business Plan template

All the advice you need

Every successful and sustainable organisation needs a comprehensive and living People Plan, within which Workforce Planning plays a critical part.

The advice in the videos below will take you through how to approach creating a Workforce Plan for your business.

These will help you:

  • Produce a work force plan to underpin your skills and recruitment plans
  • Collate data inputs within your organisation
  • Identify the tools required to carry out workforce planning
  • Understand demand planning
  • Consider employee engagement and talent retention in your strategy
  • Understand where the Mid Life MOT fits within the Workforce plan
  • Understand the implications of supply planning
  • Create a workforce planning strategy
  • Implement your workforce plan.

Attract, Recruit, Retain Seminar

The Case for Change

Kieran O'Donoghue looks at the factors that dictate why we need to change our approach towards recruitment.

Employer Brand

Your employer brand is what your potential new recruits see when sizing up your business as a place to work. Your culture and what you stand for all go towards building the picture. Here, Cathy O'Donoghue explains what an attractive employer brand looks like and why this is critical in today's jobs market.

Recruitment Top-Tips

Whether you use a recruitment agency or prefer to keep talent acquisition in-house, Chloe Errington-Spurr takes you through a wealth of information to help manage your recruitment better.

Retaining Talent

Holding on to the talent that you have is as much a challenge as recruiting new team members. Cathy O'Donoghue examines some strategies that might help you plug any talent leaks.

Discrimination in Recruitment

Owen Lee discusses where discrimination can occur during the recruitment process and examines unconscious bias and what you can do to avoid it.

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